The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela ( República Bolivariana de Venezuela), is a heavily urbanized  tropical country on the northern coast of South America. It is both a continental mainland and there are  numerous islands located off its coastline in the Caribbean Sea. The republic won its independence from Spain in 1821.

Venezuela is known widely for its petroleum industry, the environmental diversity of its territory, and its natural features.

venezuela silver coin spoons

horse head spoon

This cute little spoon with a finely modeled horse head finial boasts a very nice one bolivar silver coin dated 1960

Pearl spoons

Columbus first observed the pearls from Venezuela and pink pearls were exported to Europe.
Most of the Venezuelan pearls were 'seed' pearls and the US market wanted white pearls.
With the advent of cultured pearls from Japan, this industry no longer exists.
venzuela coin pearl spoon

This spoon has a flower finial with a pearl stamen. The bowl features a silver one bolivar coin dated 1960.

venzuela pearl silver coin spoon

This spoon with a flower finial and pearl stamen features a silver 50 centimos coin dated 1960.

venezuela coin spoon pearl
Another version of the same spoon dated 1965

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