Columbian Emerald Spoons

The emerald is one of the rarest gemstones used in jewelry. On a per carat basis, good quality emeralds are much rarer and more expensive than diamonds. Most emeralds are mined in Columbia. The mining of emeralds is a very difficult and dangerous business and despite the governments best efforts to control the production, it is largely an unregulated business subject to much violent activity. These emeralds are not the best quality, but nevertheless, these spoons are very interesting.

Unfaceted natural emerald
I call these my "Temple of Doom" spoons
The variety of souvenir spoons never ceases to amaze me. I saw the right spoon at a vendors shop and thought "I have that spoon", but since I like these emerald spoons I bought it for a "trader". After getting it home, I realized that it is different from the first one.

Amazingly, I came across 8 more different versions of these spoons. A new exhibit has been added to showcase these spoons. You can access it by clicking the "next gemstone exhibit" at the bottom of this page.


Bogota, Capital and largest city

This set of six demi-tasse spoons are hand made by the Plateria Ramirez firm. Each of the finials represents a different city in Columbia and each has a natural emerald mounted on it. The pictures are grey scale so that they download faster.

Barranquilla, Bucoramanga, Cali

Cucuta, Ibague, Santa Marta

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