Exhibit 5

1. Queen Isabella on a heart shaped bowl

2. Columbus and various symbols on the handle, The bowl is a very detail embossed view of the Santa Maria. Reverse is Queen Isabella, the globe and other symbols

finial closeup Bowl view closeup

Unusual Spanish language souvenir of the fair. (Gorham)

Columbus and Isabella spoon

Columbus and Isabella spoon

A very nice partially gilt spoon featuring the administration building at the top .
The bowl contains a partial gilt picture of Columbus presenting his finding of the new world to Queen Isabella.
The back contains a picture of a sailing ship and various nautical items and a cross on a chain and is engraved with the date of July 3,'93

 1. Unusual shaped handle with "1492 Landing of Columbus 1892" on handle and a very detailed embossed scene of the landing party.

2. Very rare Columbus world fair variant, Columbus bust finial and the handle is wire wrapped. Heart shaped bowl with the words "World's Fair" acid etched in the bowl.

3. Standing figure of Columbus on top of a globe marked 1492.

The bowl has an eagle on top of the globe and is marked "World Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893"

Finial and bowl



1. Imitation coin with Columbus 1492 on it. The handle is twisted wire with a Y fork at the coin. The bowl has a picture of the Santa Maria

2. Columbus bust with navigator tools and "Columbian Exposition" on handle. The bowl has the sighting party scene. This is a smaller version of #2 in the first picture.

  finial view


1. I really like the way the leaf finial on this piece is made with lots of bright-cut engraving and a twisty stem. The bowl has a "brown transfer" portrait of Columbus

The Mannheimer spoon is custom made in that the parts were assembled and soldered together. The handle is hand sawn and is probably the name of a fairgoer.


1. Finial of Columbus with outstretched left arm while the right arm points to a globe on a "twig" shaped handle. In the heart shaped bowl is an embossed picture of the "landing scene" which is also found on other spoons.

2. The heavy finial of Columbus is holding an anchor in his left hand while the right hand is on the head of a seated native American woman. The twisty handle has a mask at the bowl juncture. In this example the gold-plated bowl is engraved with "Genova"

An "ugly" portrait of Columbus, plus other symbols

Rare Leif Erickson variation based on statue from fair

Administration Building (1892:3)

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