Leonard Mfg. Co. Silver Plated Spoons

There are twelve spoons in this series depicting various buildings from the Chicago World Fair of 1893. These spoons are all silver plated which you know because they are marked "A1" which is a designation for the thin-est coating of silver.

The bowls have a look that is similar to engraving, but they are NOT engraved. They are all machine produced and were apparently very popular as quite a few of them have survived. Even though these spoons are quite old, they are not valuable (under $10 each) and that is only because they are World Fair spoons.

These spoons are available with a normal bowl and a citrus bowl

The bowls on these spoons are quite deep, thus the pictures are not the best quality, but the embossing is so weak that a good picture is not possible under any circumstance.

Horticultural Building

Machinery Building

Transportation Building

Women's (sic) building

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