scheid plique-a-jour spoon
scheid plique-a-jour spoon
Beautiful plique-a-jour by Georg Adam Scheid of Vienna ca. 1893

This spoon is marked with Scheid's initials "GAS"

According to Mr. R. Corson this "is a member of a family of spoons all with triangular bowls, bearing Arabic or Turkish calligraphy and parallel wire handles decorated with plique-a-jour elements, usually with a crescent and star finial.  I have 13 of these in 2 sizes, and this is a new handle design and calligraphy I haven't seen before.  These spoons were made both for the Turkish trade and the tourists. "  
Mr. W. Kundis has provided further enlightenment. He states that " it's Ottoman Turkish written with Arabic letters. What does it say; CHICAGO!"
Mr. Corson has further verified that Georg Scheid was an exhibitor at the 1893 Columbian Worlds fair and has documentation indicating that these spoons were sold at the fair.
I do not know if this spoon was sold as a souvenir or if it was part of the display at the fair.

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