Colombian Stone God

"Temple of Doom" Spoons

I was amazed when I came across the two different Colombian stone God replicas with emeralds mounted in them shown in the previous exhibit. To my total shock, I came across this set of 8 different versions of these stone gods (800 and 900 silver). How many different versions exist?

When I saw this spoon, I figured it would match one of the spoons in the previous set. Wrong again. It is different.

I have now decided that there must be a lot of different versions of these spoons. Here are four more varieties and of course they are different and do not match the others. These are also larger and have a silver 50 centavo Colombian coin as the bowl.

This variation of the emerald spoon is "salt" size and measures only 2.5" (I enlarged it for the photograph). The bowl is made from a silver 10 centavo Colombian coin dated 1941.

It is very difficult to see the little emerald at the base of the god.

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