The British Anointing Spoon

Different versions of the coronation spoon are available for each of the 20th century coronations, but they are very similar looking. Most of the examples are demi sized, but there are also some very large examples available. The marks are sometimes hidden in the handle design, but if you can find them they will reveal for which coronation it was made. The smaller version of these spoons were made in quantity.

Coronation of George Vl

Made in Birmingham in 1936

I have several of these available for purchase or trade

Made in Edinburgh in 1937

Note: there are differences between these two spoons. I don't know if one of the makers used the wrong example, or if the authorities decided to use a different coronation spoon.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll

Made in London in 1953

We now have a detailed history of British Annointing Spoons which may be accessed by clicking here

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