I have done a number of country oriented spoon themes,
but if you would like to add to this category, contact me.

Australia and New Zealand Spoons
Belgium Spoons
British and Canadian & Dutch Royalty
British Coronation  Spoons
British Anointing Spoons
British Souvenir Spoons
Burmese ruby spoons
Canadian Spoons
Caribbean Spoons
Denmark spoons
Eastern European made spoons
Egyptian Spoons
European Area Large Servers
European Picture Bowl Spoons
France (French) souvenir spoons
German Flatware (child set)
German Spoons 
Germany-The Grand Tour
Greek Spoons
Indonesian Servers (large and unusual)  
Italian spoons  
Italian City States + Vatican + more
Japanese Figural Demi Spoons  
Japanese Geisha Spoons  
Japanese Oyster Spoons
Japanese Samurai and Porcelain Finials
Kenya and African Spoons (+lion tooth spoon)
Korean Enamel spoons & chopsticks   ( unusual)
Lapland Wedding Spoons
Liechtenstein spoons
Mediterranean Island spoons
Mexican Spoons
Monaco spoons
Mozambique (see portugal exhibit)
Nordic Enamel spoons  
Norwegian and Danish Baptism spoons
Norwegian Tinn Spoons
Portugal spoon
Prague, Czech Republic
Russian Spoon Index
South Pole Spoon
Spanish Speaking Countries Spoons
Switzerland spoons
Turkish Spoons
Vienna, Austria spoons

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