Cuban Spoons

From the time we liberated Cuba during the Spanish-American war in 1898 until Castro took power in the late 1950's, Cuba was a very popular destination for American tourists. Many of these spoons feature Fort El Morro which is still under American control.

This unusual spoon features a simulated coin finial dated 1891. The bowl is a hand engraved picture of Fort El Morro.

This beautifully enameled finial spoon also has a hand engraved picture of Fort El Morro in the bowl.

This gold plated (not silver) spoon features a transfer print of the Capital building in Havana. The spoon is unmarked but is most likely of East European origin

Above are two different hand engraved views of Ft. El Morro
Notice the quality differences. Engraving is a fine art similar to painting and we
find many differences between artists

This is obviously a souvenir spoon from Cuba, but done in the style of American state spoons with little pictures on the front and back. The embossed bowl has an interesting picture of the sinking of the USS Maine battleship in Havana harbor.

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