The woman's building at the Columbian Worlds fair was of historical importance.

As Bertha Palmer, the chairlady of the board of  Lady Managers remarked:
"Even more important than the discovery of Columbus, which we are gathered together to celebrate, is the fact the General (Federal) Government has just discovered women"

This was the first time in history that the US Congress had actually agreed to fund a building devoted to women
and the members of the ladies board of managers had to be  women.

This Italian Renaissance style building was designed by a woman architect, Sophia Hayden, (rarity) as both her first and last architectural project.

The whole exhibition was supervised by the board of Lady Managers and the two story, 80,000 square foot building was considered to be a
successful and important part of the worlds fair.

There was a huge number of different exhibits highlighting the progress of woman from primitive to modern times as well as exhibits on women from other cultures.
The library hosted over 7000 books by woman from the 16th thru the 19th century.

One of the exhibits was the Nebraska hammer made to complete the building and a description of the spoon can be seen
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woman's building columbian expo spoons
all spoons are sterling

Palmer  columbian world fair spoon
nice profile of wealthy Bertha M. Honore Palmer
under whose direction the woman's building became an integral part of the worlds fair.

womans building chicago world fair spoon
embossed picture of the  woman's building at the
Columbian exposition

visit to the fair spoon
"going to the world's fair"

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