This is your gateway page to the many exhibits of spoons from the 1893 Columbian Worlds fair exposition  in Chicago in 1893-4.

The Columbian Worlds exposition was one of the most important events of this type in history and all subsequent worlds fairs have followed its examples.

The 400th anniversary of the discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus was the main thesis, but the fair was truly international in its exhibits.

The exposition was originally planned for 1892, but major disagreements between New York, Washington DC, St.Louis  and Chicago eventually led to the Congress which
approved of Chicago's bid (raised the most money), but  postponed it for one year.

The timing of the fair also coincided with the beginning of the SOUVENIR SPOON COLLECTING MANIA thus well over 300 different spoons were created
for this event.

I have created a series of exhibits which will give you a good understanding of the types of spoons produced for the exposition.
These exhibits are not inclusive -- many other beautiful spoons are available from this Worlds fair.

Columbus themed spoons

Columbus landing party themed spoons

Womens building themed spoons

Nebraska Hammer spoon

Columbia themed spoons

Leif Ericson/Norwegian themed spoons

Chicago themed spoons

Globe themed spoons

Pre-opening themed spoons

Worlds fair buildings themed spoons

Queen Isabella themed spoons

Ferris wheel themed spoon

Other worlds fair spoons

Montana silver sculpture spoon

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