Denmark is a small constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe with a border on Germany.
The people are primarily of Scandinavian descent.

denmark souvenir spoons

1. The most popular figure is that of the statue of the little mermaid in the harbor.  spoon is sterling
2. Copenhagen is the capital and largest city.  Spoon is alpacca (it contains NO silver).
Glyptotheket is an art museum in Copenhagen with an extensive collection of important sculptures.

denmark souvenir spoons
Very pretty examples of enamel spoons from Denmark

70 birthday spoon king christian X
Rare spoon commemorating the 70th Birthday of King Christian X  in 1940
King Christian was a popular leader of the resistance to the Nazi occumpation and
rode his horse, Jubilee, daily through the Capital. He also wore a
Jewish star on his arm when the Nazis demanded all Jews to identify themselves.
He also financed the escape of Danish Jews to Sweden.

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