Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, the moon and birthing as well as the twin of Apollo is featured on a number of spoons and servers.
She was one of the three main goddesses who swore never to marry.

diana the huntressdiana huntress spoon

The Roman statue of Diana of Versailles is a life size marble statue (a copy of the Greek goddess Artemis) in the Louvre museum in Paris and many copies are in other museums and famous gardens.

diana huntress spoons

I have included a ruler and a regular sized tea spoon to help you guage size.

diana apollo spoonapollo spoon

This bowl features Apollo the sun god in his chariot being drawn by three horses.
Note the rams horns in the corners.
Other versions of this spoon are also available.
800 vermeil-untraced maker mark
On the right is another view of Apollo
More figural berry spoons can be seen by clicking here

diana huntress spoon
This server bowl features a Spanish? conquistador
800 silver with a crown mark

diana huntress spoon
Cast finial of Diana

diana huntress spoon
I have included a ruler and a regular tea spoon so that you can guage size
I suspect that all these pieces were made by the same silversmithing company, but the marks vary.
The fork has a Dutch 800 silver mark

diana huntress spoon
woman and child dancing while one man is on a ladder picking fruit from a tree and another is picking up fruit from the ground with a church in the background.
Shreve & Co (San Francisco), sterling- style 9134

diana huntress spoon
This is very similar to the spoon above, but you can see the silversmith finished it in a different manner
800 silver unidentified maker mark

diana huntress spoon
man seated on a bench playing a guitar while two others watch.
4 different marks including a lion and an N2 mark but no definitive quality marking
Probably 800+ silver

diana huntress spoon
two men playing checkers and one seems 'deep in thought'.
notice the similarity of the design work around the center image between this spoon and the previous one.
three different marks including a Dutch 800 silver marking

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