Diana -- The Huntress

These magnificent cast, repoussed and chased spoons have a detailed figure of Diana -- The Huntress finial which is modeled after the well known statue of Artemis which is in the National Museum of Naples. Full size replicas of this statue are also seen in many other major museums including the Huntington Museum in California.

Diana has her hand on a female red deer (hind). She is wearing a tunic (short skirt) with bare knees and laced buckskin sandals.

This gold washed spoon is marked as being 800 silver and measures about 6.4 inches. The bowl is about 3.4" wide

In the bowl is a replica of the famous "Apollo and his Sun Chariot"

two other spoons with the same bowl are also available, but the handles are different

small spoons in this style in both 800 silver and pewter are also available, but they are not as desireable as the large version

Large cast fork with Diana represented in the finial -- Dutch silver marks

This large berry spoon (8.125" 205mm) features a cast view of Diana? blowing on a ram horn with two hounds at the finial. At first I thought it was a male hunter, but the artist definitely gave this person large breasts (covered, but exposed on the sides). The very large openwork bowl (3.75") features a Swiss guard in the center. Marked with German 800 silver marks.

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