dragon hunter server spoon

                                                                                                            I have placed a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon in the picture to help you visualize the size
                                                                                                                              The spoon is marked "Marshall Fields Co. sterling 7015"
                                                                                           The spoon measures almost 10.5" (265mm) and it is primarily cast work with repousse/ chasing and detail work.
                                                                                                                                        This spoon exhibits nice quality silversmithing.

Marshall Fields

marshall field advertisement spoons
Marshall Field advertisement featuring the Dragon Hunter spoon
Located on State Street in the Loop of Downtown Chicago, Marshall Fields was the world's largest department store.
It became an important social destination for Chicago's elite because of its high end merchandise and its many restaurants and lounges
inside the 16 story Trude building at the  corner of Wabash and Randolph or the 20 story annex acrose the street at 25 East Washington.

dragon hunter server

At the finial we have a weeping boy (man?) seated at a table while two men talk to him.

notice the nice clothing styles

I am not sure of the significance of this scene

but I suspect that the stem which shows an urn and flowers indicates that this might have been a funeral server

dragon hunter spoon

notice the odd shaped cast, repousse/chased bowl

The main picture shows a tree towering over a pipe smoking man carrying a rifle with a dog at his heels

My guess is that he is hunting for dragons

(perhaps this is similar to Don Quijote tilting at windmills?)

In the background are houses and a windmill

Above his head on the shoulders of the bowl dragons are perched

dragon hunter spoon

I greatly enlarged the dragon so you could see it. It is actually quite detailed with fire and wings

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