A beautiful vermeil  spoon featuring a man dressed in an old style.

I am not 100% sure if this is Sir Francis Drake, but it is very similar to some pictures of him which I found on the internet.
The other likely person is Sir Walter Raleigh and I have also posted a picture of his statue
There is no indication on the spoon as to who is being represented by this spoon. So if you have a different viewpoint, please contact me.

francis drakewalter raleigh
left: Sir Francis Drake
right: statue of Sir Walter Raleigh (London)

francis drake spoon
I have included a ruler and a regular size tea spoon in the picture to give you an idea of size.
This very heavy vermeil cast spoon has English marks indicating that it is sterling and was imported by the London silversmith firm of
John Aldwinckle & James Slater  ca. 1882

francis drake spoon
Bearded man wearing a high collar costume. He is holding a stick in his left hand and some type of pole in his right hand.
The style of pants is very unique

francis drake spoon back
The back is just as detailed as the front

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