Spoons made in Eastern Europe

During the Communist Era

Despite widespread disbelief in the merits of the capitalist system, some spoon manufacturers in Czechoslavakia and other eastern European countries competed vigorously to make souvenir spoons for sale in other cities.

Most of these spoons follow the same general style in that they are gold plated but the metallic content of the spoon is not known although I don't believe that they are silver. The spoons often have a picture in the bowl and the finial. These pictures are usually made with the transfer print and hand colored method that was very popular on porcelain and pottery.

The multi-colored line in the bowls is from the scanner which has trouble with reflections in spoon bowls.

painted bowl spoons

Some of the wording is in Russian, so I can't be sure of the translation.


Novosibirsk (largest city in Siberia and 3rd largest city in Russia) (Thank you,Heidi)


Havana, Cuba




Banjo player??

Fruit still life

young lovers

native costumes

I have 3 variations of this spoon and the clothes are different colors. This spoon is made in a cloissonne imitation style with enameling.

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