Egyptian Spoons

The pyramids and the art of Ancient Egypt has fascinated me since I was a child. Recently I was able to fulfill that childhood dream by actually visiting the pyramids. Although I have traveled to many different countries and seen many natural wonders, I can truly state that the pyramids are indeed AWESOME. I wish that I had a lot of spoons from this land, but, alas, I only have a few. So if anyone reading this page wishes to sell some of their Egyptian spoons, please send me an email.

Representation of a Pharoah finial, some minor enameling on the stem and a detailed hand painted image of a boy leading a donkey while a woman rides and the pyramids in the background. Sorry for the light blur, but the scanner has trouble with the spoon bowls

Very pretty vermeil spoon with blue enameled heiroglyphics and the embossed bowl shows the sphinx, pyramids, camel etc.

The handle represents the obelisk of Usertsen 1 at Heliopolis. Each of the heiroglypics in the handle has a translation

Four sided obelisk with stamped design heiroglyphics. The bowl on this spoon is a hand engraved view of the pyramids (800 silver with Egyptian maker mark)

Nicely enameled spoon with a pyramid finial (made in Germany)

The sphinx
is marked with 3 marks featuring arabic lettering. I do not know how to interpret these marks. This spoon is crudely cast.

A crudely cast spoon with an Egyptian crocodile stem and a man riding on a camel in the bowl. The pyramids are in the background

Queen Nefertiti in bowl. The handle has mixed Egyptian symbols

Various Egyptian symbols

Cast spoon showing a queen with staff finial. The bowl shows a king with a staff and various heiroglyphics--Egyptian markings

This is a gold plated (not silver) spoon of Queen Nefertiti from Eastern Europe which was sent to Egypt and sold to tourists

This spoon features a finial of a pharoah and an animal god, but it also has five multi-colored gemstones mounted. In addition the bowl is made from an Egyptian coin (which I can't decipher). There are no markings on this spoon as to purity, but I suspect that it might be low grade silver. I am unsure if the stones are natural or man-made.

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