Enameled Flower Spoons

The spoons on this page are all enameled flowers. I hadn't even thought to place these into a separate category, until I was informed that a number of other people did. Ever eager to please other spooners, hope you enjoy these beautiful spoons.

Flowers were very popular to the Victorians and figured prominently in the Art Nuevo style, and we find lots of different flowers on both souvenir spoons and in standard flatware pieces. In fact, I suspect that there are more different types of "flower" spoons than any other single category.

However, I must confess my ignorance on this subject. I do not know much about botany. To me, there are a few flowers like roses, violets etc. then there is a big category just "flowers". Therefore, if any of the readers of this page wish to add their input and knowledge I will gladly update it per their instructions (email available from exhibits index page).

left: pretty red flower -- the bowl is engraved "Denver, Colo"
middle: pretty purple flower -- the bowl has an engraved picture of the Warder Library, Springfield, Ohio
right: Bluish flowers -- the bowl is engraved "Houston" with lots of flourishes

left: orange -- bowl is engraved "Los Angeles"
middle: orange -- citrus shaped bowl (have 2 if you want to trade)
right: orange -- bowl is engraved "Pasadena" (Home of the annual Rose Parade on Jan 1)

Bowl marked "Chicago"--possibly from 1893 Columbian world fair

Fancy fork with nice flower engraving at top of tines

Hand painted with extensive hand silver workmanship

very pretty purple flowers (bowl engraved with picture of Colorado Hotel) -- Glenwood Springs

Canadian made for export to Nassau, Bahamas

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Purple flower -- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Enameled Holly. bowl engraved "Neal".back engraved 1907


This spoon has very strange markings. It is from Japan and may be silver. Made by Mitsui M.& S. Co. The Chrysanthemum is known as the Emperor's flower.

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