Many  events are represented on spoons.
This is a suggested list and is not inclusive.

In the Beginning (Salem Witch and history)
Berlin Air Lift Commemorative
Betsy Ross flag spoon
Birth and Baptism spoons
British Coronation  Spoons
British Anointing Spoons
"Century of Progress" world fair--Chicago 1934
Columbian World Fair (Chicago 1893)
Famous Places (a few famous sites)
Funeral Spoons
Germany-The Grand Tour
Lapland Wedding Spoons
Mardi Gras Spoons
Marshall Plan and WORLD WAR victory/recovery
Military  Monument spoons
New York World Fair 1939  
Pan American Expo -- Buffalo, NY, 1901
Pan Pacific Expo San Fran/ San Diego/Panama Canal
Save the Rhine Spoon
South Pole Spoon
Veiled Prophet spoon
World Fair (expo's) Spoons  
World War 1 trench art spoons

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