There is something magical and mystical about watching an endless stream of water flow over the edge of a precipice.
The roaring sound and the mist create a very enjoyable viewing experience.
Even today, waterfalls attract an endless stream of tourists and the same thing was true in the 1890  -  1920 time period.

We have a number of spoons from these tourist attractions.

All spoons shown are sterling silver.

waterfall silver spoons

Every conceivable style of souvenir and flatware handle was used in creating these beautiful spoons.

waterfall silver spoons

One of the largest waterfalls in the United States, the great falls of the Passaic river are about 77 feet high.
As of a few years ago, these falls have become a national park.
The power generated from this hydroelectric plant fueled the growth of New Jersey.

waterfall silver spoons

Big Bull Falls and rapids, Wausau, Wisconsin

waterfall silver spoons
another view of Big Bull Falls

waterfall silver spoons

Upper Falls, Spokane, Washington

There is an upper and lower falls on the Spokane River  in this area and the city of Spokane is from the indian word meaning "swift water".
A hydroelectric facility was built on the upper falls in the 1920's

waterfall silver spoons

The Minehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Mn. is a 53 foot waterfall near Ft. Snelling on a tributary of the
Mississippi River.  The name comes from the Dakota indian language and is loosely translated as
'laughing' waters or 'curling' waters.

waterfall silver spoons

The Wildcat Glen near Iowa Falls is a very scenic area.

Close walled gorges from Alden to near the South fork junction create a beautiful and unusual
rustic beauty in Iowa that is without peer.

aquaduct brazil
I have this  neat sterling  spoon from the Aquaduct of St. Theresa in Rio De Janeiro.
It really doesn't belong in this exhibit, but I am not sure where to place it.

This aquaduct was located in an 'exclusive' area of Rio De Janeiro and provided drinking water for the family in the first part of the 1900's. It was also a popular tourist attraction providing
a very scenic boat ride.

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