There are thousands of different famous places shown on spoons, and it would not be possible to show all of the different examples.

Tourists at that time (and it is the same now) often went to see famous and historical buildings. Since there were many tourists, the souvenir spoon manufacturers produced different examples of almost every historically famous building.

Therefore I have selected just a few for your enjoyment.

Statue of Liberty

There are many different variations on Statue of Liberty spoons. I don't think that anyone should be surprised by that statement.

More Statue of Liberty spoons may be seen in the exhibit devoted to them.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was also very admired, and we find many spoons about him. This spoon has the bust of Lincoln, his home, an eagle, Lincoln Monument (Springfield, ILL), and in the bowl a larger version of his house. The back also has pictures of the Illinois Statehouse, Ford's Theatre (where he was assassinated), and the log cabin where he was born.

A hand engraved picture of Lincoln's home in Springfield, Illinois


Philadelphia is known as the "cradle of democracy". The left spoon shows a picture of settlers and indians smoking a peace pipe, followed by the Penn House, and the words "Liberty Equality Unity" and the bowl has a picture of the Liberty Bell. The right picture shows the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia (where the first flag was made).

Plymouth Rock

This spoon shows "plymouth rock" where the Pilgrims first landed.

Another version of the Landing of the Pilgrims

John Alden was an English Puritan pilgrim who sailed on the Mayflower (1620) to North America. At the Plymouth colony, in 1623 he married Priscilla Mullens, another Pilgrim. He is also known as a signatory of the Mayflower Compact and as the longest lived pilgrim. This tea sized spoon features his wife "Priscilla" knocking on a door which is marked "Lord have mercy on us". This spoon has a citrus bowl but it is also available with a standard bowl and in a demi version. Patented by Durgin March 24, 1891 thus it was one of the very first souvenir spoons.


Bunker Hill monument (Revolutionary War) and Paul Revere's midnight ride

More Boston symbolism

Colonist dressed as Indian (Boston Tea Party, 1773)

Faneuil Hall (pre Revolutionary War meeting place) and represented on many spoons

A nice view of the Boston Harbor

Niagara Falls

New York state seal handle with picture of Niagara Falls in bowl. The back shows various New York scenes. There are close to 1000 different varieties of Niagara Falls spoons, because the falls were very close to a huge population area and were a very popular tourist draw. Other Niagara Fall spoons are shown in other exhibits.

Click to see White Canoe Legend Spoons in the Indian exhibit

A very nice spoon from Detroit, Michigan

If you have a desire to see a certain monument or famous place contact me and I will see if I can oblige.

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