World War 1


General and Admiral Spoons

This interesting set of six World War l General/Admiral spoons was issued by Caron Bros.

Rainwater identifies them as a very small manufacturer of metal products located in Montreal, Canada. She states that they were in business from 1901 - 1931, so I am assuming that these spoons were issued sometime after WWl.

These spoons are silver plated and to my knowledge were not made in sterling silver.

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left: Admiral David Beatty
right: Admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher

left: Field Marshal Sir John Denton Pinkstone French
right: John Rushworth Jellicoe

left: Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre
right: Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener

Generals and Admirals

                                                                                                                                   Roger Bros Silversmiths issued these spoons as a souvenir of the "great war."

"Souvenir De La Guerre 1914 - 1918"

Some of the spoons below do not have this writing on the back

These spoons were manufactured by Rogers 

The '1881' date is the year the company was founded. A1 is the quality of the silver plating

general spoons world war 1

The spoons below were manufactured by Wm Rogers & Son

I call them the 'big crown' general spoons

general spoons ww 1

The spoons below are from an unidentified manufacturer

They are silver plated

These spoons also have a small pictorial of  the "north sea battle" on the back

Extensive naval operations in the North Sea were taken during the Great War

general spoon army navy north sea

The spoons below were manufactured by Birks in silver plate

I call them the 'small crown' general spoons

general spoon world war 1

general spoon world war 1

left: Deutschland spoon  featuring 'feld marschall' von Hindenburg

manufactured by Oneida in silver plate

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Right: Earl Kitchener and manufactured by RB co. in silver plate

Albert Belgium spoon

King Albert 1 of Belgium 

manufactured by Roger  Bros in silver plate

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