Spoons with figural handles are always interesting. Many different figural handled pieces are available in virtually every subject area and many of the other categories also show pictures of figural handled spoons.

Basically there are four primary types of figural handles:

            1. Full handle where the  handle itself is the figure.

             2. Partial handle where the figure is from 1/3 to 3/4 of the handle

             3. Applied figural where the figural is usually mounted on the top as a finial.

             4. Where the figure is entirely enclosed within the spoon handle

enamel full figured matador    The enameled matador is  an  example of type 1. 

Ben Franklin                                            

cleveland inaugeral      President Cleveland--inaugeral souvenir is an example of type 2.

     These music oriented figures are an example of type 3.

apple picker and orange goddess      Apple Picker on left  (type 1) and the "Orange Goddess" on right  (type 4).

minersMiners--note that the handles are nearly identical which is quite amazing since they are from separate  sized dies. They did not have an easy way to change the sizes, and the small dies were as time consuming to make as the larger ones. Of course the amount of silver required for the smaller spoon was considerably less thus they were cheaper to make.

Animals are always popular. The "stork" spoon is designed to be a baby spoon and they are often engraved with a name or date. The full figured fish handles come in a variety of different ways but usually specify the type of fish, ie Salmon, Tuna etc.


On the left is a caricature of a Seattle weatherman nicknamed "Fine" for his weather predictions. On the right is a large finial of a bronco and rider


Figures attached to the top of a spoon are quite common. Most of these are cast separately and then soldered to the spoon. Many show remarkable detail. (sorry the photo is a little blurred). But you can see some excellent examples under the "Italy Category".

                                              attached figures (4)