The spoons in this exhibit are medium  large servers that would work well  in a variety of different settings

Gorham bust king silver server
A beautiful example of Gorham's rare 'Bust' pattern ca. 1867 - 1880. (probably before 1870)
The spoon is hand made and features a bearded king on a heavy rectangular shaped handle. (Probably no particular king)
The bowl features extensive cutout design in a flower shape and there is design engraving around the edge.
A number of classical 'heads' (both male and female) were supposedly used on a wide assortment of silver utensils, but only a few have survived.
I was unable to find another example of this particular 'head' on the web or in my reference books).
The spoon is marked with the Gorham symbol and the silversmith (retailer) S. Jelly.
Samuel Jelly was a Sacramento, California silversmith (chaser) who had a store near the state capitol building.
This spoon is most likely coin silver (90% silver)

gorham king head bust pattern frontgorham bust pattern king head reverse
Front and reverse views of the 'bust'

spoon man with walking stick
This is an interesting spoon with a man in a fancy outfit with an interesting cap. He is also using a walking stick.
The back of the figure is also finished to complete his outfit
The spoon has two marks which I have not identified and it looks like silver, but has no common silver markings.
I do not have a clue as to its origin.

spoon server fancy woman

This cast woman is dressed in a very fancy ballroom type outfit with her hair in a very large hairdo design. She is wearing three strands of pearls
and is carrying a basket under her arm. The back is finished with her dress.

The only marking is "sterling 2"
I do not have a clue as to its origin or maker

spoon dutch woman basket dancing

This medium large Dutch/German server features a cast woman handle on a pedestal over a water jug and other ornamentation.
The bowl features one man and two woman dancing with some fruit below.

There are two marks which I have not identified. One is a figural left faced female head and the other is a 3 mast sailing ship.

dutch server spoons

The top spoon features a man holding a bucket in his left hand and a fish in his right hand. The bowl features sailing ships and a swan.
There is only one very indistinct mark which I have not traced.

The bottom spoon features a woman with a bird and an anchor on a cast stem.
The back of the bowl features 4 pseudo hallmarks.

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