Spoon Flags

Flags on souvenir spoons are an interesting concept. The European and South American flags are often found on small porcelain finials which were transfer printed, whereas the American spoons usually have much larger hand painted flags pictured.

American Flag Spoons

1. Hand painted American flag with engraved picture of the Charlevoix lighthouse, Michigan

2. Hand painted symbolic bowl flag with eagle and flowered finial

3. Hand painted American flag with engraved picture of the U.S. Capitol (Washington DC)

U.S. and Confederate States flags on crossed rifle spoon

Spoon showing the flags of the Allies (I think this is WW1). The spoon is marked sterling, but the bowl is engraved "Montreal"

This Canadian made U.S. and British Flag spoon features the Niagara falls in the bowl

This enameled Union Jack was probably made in the USA

This Union Jack flag spoon was made in London in 1900

Danish Flags

Hand painted Swiss flags in bowls

Mardi Gras -- New Orleans

Both the flag and the bowl are hand painted. I am not sure what the flag represents, but the bowl is clearly labeled Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Finial Flags

These porcelain finials are very small and have been enlarged for this picture.

I believe the symbols are from the flags pictured, but if I am wrong--don't hesitate to write.

Norway Flag

Swedish Flag

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