A very large spoon featuring an elaborately dressed man playing a flute.
The flute is a woodwind instrument without a reed and has been used in central Europe for over 40,000 years.
Flutes are probably the first musical instrument developed by man.

flute player spoonflute player spoon

Front and back views of this well dressed man playing a flute.
I suspect that this elaborate dress style is from Europe in the 1700's.

flute player spoon
I have included a ruler and a normal sized tea spoon in the picture to help you gauge size
of this huge spoon.

flute player spoon

Marks stamped on the back of  the bowl
indicate imported sterling silver from London in 1895
by retailer BM. (probably Bishop Mitchell & Co.)

The spoon was probably made in Germany or Holland.

The spoon is primarly cast with significant chasing work on the costume.
The bowl is repousse/chased with a nice flower scene in the Art Nouveau style

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