Understanding a mass propaganda campaign

for home and country spoon

The first massive propaganda campaign of the twentieth century was targeted at non-combatant Americans
in order to get them to support the Great War (WW 1) effort.

According to Celia Malone Kingsbury author of the book "For Home and Country", a major propaganda campaign
encompassing magazines, cookbooks, children's books, novels, food agencies and commercial items was
targeted at women and their role in the home and relationship with their children.

This sterling silver spoon  manufactured by F & S (probably  Fattorini and Sons of Bradford England but the markings look 'American') and was probably sold at jewelry stores
along with other items supporting this war effort.

for home and country

Example of a poster supporting this public effort

for home and country pin

popular jewelry pin

for home and country spoon

The 'For Home and Country' propaganda campaign was a historical event with which I was not familiar
so I found it to be interesting. This spoon is one of the few remaining items from this historic war effort.

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