funeral server
I have put a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon in the picture to help you visualize size

This is a very interesting 7.5" server spoon. The lady pictured is Princess Marie d'ORLEANS (1/13/1865-12/4/1909) of Denmark. Within the floral wreath surrounding her image are her birth and death dates. She was the wife of Prince Valdemar de Denmark and the mother of 5 children. Her husband, Prince Valdemar, was the son of King Christian 1X. In terms of Danish history she was not particularly important, but obviously she was very important to her family which decided to commission this nice art nouveau server in her memory. Below the fancy "M" is a vine and an anchor, and above her head is a crown. The maker mark on the back looks like our image of the "grim reaper". note: I converted the dates to the American format from the European format of dd/mm/yy.

Note the fancy "M" on the stem (the first letter of her name)

To show her support for her husband's marine career, she had an anchor tatooed onto her arm (note the anchor on the stem of the spoon)

marie d'orleans

Marie was born in France to the Duke of Chartres and his wife, Princess Francoise d'Orleans.
She was raised in England but returned to France after the fall of Napoleon in 1871.
She married Prince Valdemar of Denmark twice ( a civil and a religious ceremony).
She was described as witty, impulsive  and free spirited and it is alleged that she had a secret affair.
She had socialistic political views and believed in social equality and performed her royal duties in an relaxed manner.
She died unexpectedly while her husband and children were sailing to India.

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