George Washington

Silver Spoons

George Washington is one of the few historical figures who has not been subjected to revisionist historical thinking. He was always considered one of the most important of the founding fathers, and even today his memory as a man of integrity is still highly respected around the globe.

Beautiful full figured enamel spoon of G. Washington

Galt manufactured washington spoons

While the Salem Witch Spoon received the bulk of the attention of the American public, historical records show that the Washington D.C. silversmithing firm of Galt Bros. actually patented the first souvenir spoon in the USA about a year before the Witch spoon was conceived. The two spoons on the right are from the company of Davis & Galt of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Charles E. Galt was related to the Galt Silversmiths of Washington D.C.

Although George Washington is probably the most admired historical figure, by the public in this country, relatively few of these George Washington spoons by Galt Bros. have survived.

Readers should not get the above statement confused with the many George Washington spoons which have been subsequently made. There are many many variations of spoons showing G. Washington, Mt. Vernon, monuments etc. and combining his image with numerous other themes. Most of these spoons were NOT made by Galt Bros.

George Washington

Souvenir Spoon

by Davis & Galt

This spoon was actually manufactured by the firm of Davis and Galt of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Charles Galt of this firm was related to the Galt Bros. of Washington D.C. To my knowledge, this is the only variation of the Washington spoon to be manufactured by this company. All of the other Galt Bros. spoons which I have seen have the Galt Bros. trademark.

Four other variations of the Galt Bros. Washington Spoon are shown in my book.

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