Gambling Spoons

A recent magazine article has highlighted the fact that casino gambling in the United States is now the largest form of entertainment, surpassing all sports, theater, movie and television revenues combined. This is amazing.

Apparently, the collectors of spoons from the 1890's also enjoyed gambling, because we have spoons indicating an interest in these games. But gambling spoons are relatively rare, so it obviously was not a preoccupation as it is today.

Monte Carlo

Mechanical roulette wheel with enameled 4-leaf clover (fork)
The wheel actually turns

Enameled roulette wheel finial and bowl has enameled cards

monte carlo roulette spoon

Another version of the Monte Carlo roulette and card spoon

Enameled cards finial and 4 leaf clover

Monaco crown

Las Vegas

These spoons are of more recent vintage, since Las Vegas did not even exist as a city at the time of the souvenir spoon movement of the 1890's - 1920's. Las Vegas got its start as a "wild west" gambling town in the 1930's during the building of the Hoover Dam. Prior to this it was just a very small farming community.

Transfer print roulette finial and cast roulette wheel finial

Other Locations

Cutout images of card suits (Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii)

the "clubs" suit finial on a twisted stem

aces silver spoon

Nice enameled bowl showing four aces

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