Islamic gem stone spoons
These are nice spoons and show a lot of nice silversmithing talent, but I do not speak the language and can only guess at some of the meanings.
I have not been able to find any documentation on these spoons.

islamic gem ston spoon turquoise garnet

An interesting spoon featuring a large dark red faceted garnet in the finial
A large (synthetic?) turquoise stone is mounted in the center and has a word engraved on it.
The stem is made from a twisted wire  and the finial has hand worked silver applied to a silver base.
Another word is engraved in the bowl and the little round mark is part of the design feature.

islamic gem stone spoon --coral

A  round orange/red piece of polished coral is mounted in the finial and surrounded by filigree silver working.. At each of the 3 corners of the finial  very tiny
unfaceted stone(s) are mounted. I think they might be very tiny emeralds.
On the stem, three very tiny stones are mounted,  the left and right ones are turquoise and the center one is either a ruby or garnet.

islamic gem stone spoon turquoise
A very interesting and excellently made spoon featuring a triangular shaped bowl which is engraved.
At the finial is a very nicely designed round ball with a crescent moon on the top.
The twisty wire handle has a deep blue piece of turquoise mounted on it.
The bowl and top parts are  vermeil (gold plate on silver)

gem stone pearl spoon islamic

A well designed spoon featuring a very large fresh water pearl in the finial
The bowl is engraved with the symbolic ' Hamsa hand of Fatima' (click for more information)

gem stone coral islamic triangle bowl
An interesting spoon featuring a round red/orange piece of coral in the finial which is designed like a volcano.
The triangular shaped bowl has the word "Algerie" (Algeria) engraved in it.
The back of the finial is engraved "March 4 1897"
The back of the bowl has an Islamic stamp on it.

spoon green stone filigree

A cute spoon featuring a faceted green stone (garnet?) mounted in the finial and surrounded by filigree work.
I suspect that the filigree work is supposed to represent the tail feathers of a peacock or it could be a symbolic Hamsa hand (but that is a guess).
The unusual shaped bowl has a word engraved in it.

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