South American Gemstone Spoons

Most of the South American gemstone spoons come from Colombia and Brazil, countries which are very rich in natural resources. But we also find spoons from other South and Central American countries.

A natural unfaceted emerald from Bogota, Colombia. Colombia is the world's largest producer of gem quality emeralds.

A set of 6 large tea stirrers with different crystalline stones mounted in a wavy style cage.

Left spoon is a natural amethyst crystal and
on the right is a natural citrine crystal

A rose quartz finial (I know it looks white--but it is pink)

venezulan spoons with pearls

Two spoons from Venezuela with pearls mounted in the center of the flower finial

rhodocrosite gemstone spoon

A cute small spoon from Argentina featuring a nicely banded rhodocrosite stone in the finial.

Rhodocrosite is a uniquely marbled stone with various different shades of pink manganese ore banded with white calcite.

The stone is only found in Argentina

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