German Spoons

Germany has been known as a producer of beautiful silver objects for a very long time. These silver souvenir spoons pay tribute to some of its beautiful cities.

The genesis of the American souvenir spoon movement is based upon souvenir spoons which were created in Germany. A whole exhibit is devoted to some of these spoons and how they influenced Daniel Low, the jeweler, who is credited with starting the souvenir spoon movement in the United States. A link to this page is provided at the bottom of this exhibit.

German souvenir spoons are usually made with "800" silver or "900"  silver rather than the better quality "925" (sterling) silver which is used in much of the rest of the world. All of the spoons shown here are this lower grade of silver

Some German manufacturers also exported souvenir spoons to other countries in South America and elsewhere. Some German silver manufacturers  were very active in the spoon export market. 

Other examples of German made spoons are also shown in different exhibits in this museum. 

german souvenir spoons enameled
A variety of enameled souvenir spoons from German cities

german nude sculpture spoon

Berlin souvenir spoons

german souvenir spoons

One day I was having a hard time finding anything worthwhile when I stumbled across these two German spoons with nice enameled and engraved finials, but I have no idea what they commemorated. Each of the backs of the finials are engraved with the date of September 1912. Both are engraved with the same date, but to different people.

Bremen--key to the city

Eisenach, Germany


heidelberg souvenir spoons


koln souvenir spoons

Koln (Cologne)

munich souvenir spoons


note: Three dimensional views of this figure are shown in several other exhibits.

Neuschwenstein souvenir spoons

this castle was part of the imagery used in the Disneyland Castle



german souvenir spoons

reclining nude on dog shaped bench

Kaiser Wilhelm 11

old german enamel spoons

1. Very pretty enamel handle with painted girls.  800 silver gold plated bowl engraved with initials. The back of bowl (below) dates it to "April '96"

2. Very pretty enamel cloissone handle dating the spoon to Dresden of 1887 (5 years before the souvenir spoon era in the USA)

german enamel spoongerman enamel cloissone spoon

Back of spoons shown above

Several other exhibits also contain spoons from Germany

A lot of different enamel German Souvenir spoons can be seen at the continuation of this exhibit

The "In the Beginning" exhibit also shows a number of spoons from Germany which led to the creation of the infamous Salem Witch spoon, if you haven't visited that page yet,
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Click here to see an example of spoons from the Grand Tour of Germany

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