"San Francisco stands at the doorway to the sea that roars upon the shores of all these nations, and so to the Golden Gate International Exposition I gladly entrust a solemn duty. May this, America's World's Fair on the Pacific in 1939, truly serve all nations in symbolizing their destinies, one with every other, through the ages to come".- President Franklin D. Roosevelt, via radio, during the opening ceremonies.

The exposition was opened initially from February 18, 1939 through October 29, 1939. It opened again from May 25, 1940 through September 29, 1940.

As we all know, World War ll erupted in the Pacific ocean in  late 1941.

                                                                                                                                              sterling spoon nude san francisco 1939 fair 'ocean breeze' Pacifica

This moderately  rare sterling art deco nude has extremely long hair which merges into the deco television tower  symbol for the fair. The bowl features a view of the Golden Gate bridge and the back is marked as the "official souvenir spoon". 

Can you even imagine an official souvenir with a symbol like this in today's world?

NOTE: This spoon is much more common in silver plate (for a lot less money). If it doesn't say 'sterling', it is silver plated.

The Theme of this Fair was "Pageant of the Pacific" primarily showcasing the goods of nations bordering the Pacific Ocean. 

"ocean breeze" schnier, pan pacific, san francisco"ocean breeze" schnier, pan pacific, san francisco

"Ocean Breeze" also "Sea Breeze",  a cast stone sculpture  by Jacques Schnier was one of the highlights of the 20 statues representing the 'unity' theme of the fair in the sculpture garden.

This beautiful engraved 'arts and crafts' hand made spoon in the Art Deco style,  features this gorgeously  painted spoon bowl. 

Jacques Schnier was a well known long time  professor of art and architecture at the University of California at Berkeley.

His work was widely exhibited in various museums and exhibitions and given critical artistic recognition.

My friend, Ken Stein, an expert on this fair, has found more information about this statue in a recently published  book. See the photos below

ocean breeze statueI found this picture of "Ocean Breeze" on the web. 

Court of the Pacifica

One of the features of the fair was the Court of the Pacifica  featuring sculptures by various artists.

Below is "Pacifica, Goddess  of the Pacific Ocean"

The theme was physically symbolized by "The Tower of the Sun" and a giant, 80-foot statue of Pacifica, goddess of the Pacific ocean.

pacifica statueworld fair san francisco pacifica


san francisco expo 1939

Common souvenirs of the fair.

Ocean Breeze

Ken Stein has provided us with further details of  the statue of Ocean Breeze (Sea Breeze)

oceann breeze book 1939 san francisco world fair

"Depression-Era Sculpture of the Bay Area"  by Nicholas A. Veronico and Betty S. Veronico 

depression era sculpture bay area san francisco

ocean breeze sculpture san francisco golden gate expo

ocean breeze sculpture san francisco golden gate expo

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