A fiftieth wedding anniversary is a marked achievement even today when lifespans are significantly longer than they were at the turn of the century. Around 1900, the average male lifespan was only about 45 years. For a couple to survive 50 years of wedded bliss was very unusual.

These two spoons are unique in that they are 14 kt gold. These are NOT spoons that have been plated with gold.


pure 100% gold is 24 karats. This form of gold is only available in a laboratory. Modern gold coins are typically 22kt or about 90%. The European standard for gold jewelry is 18kt or about 75%. The USA standard for gold jewelry is 14kt or about 56%.

vermeil is silver which has been plated with pure gold. The gold plating is very thin and very little gold is used.

Gold can also be used to plate any other type of metal. Again the amount of gold used is very minor. The value of the gold on a gold plated spoon is less than 5 cents.

Two demi sized 14kt gold spoons. These are the first golden spoons in my collection.

The enlarged picture shows the dates 1851 to 1901 with the initials SA. I am assuming that this is from a golden wedding anniversary, but it could have been any type of 50 year anniversary. Although I purchased the spoons from a Portland, Oregon dealer, they most likely would have changed geographic location in the last century, so I am not sure how to research them.

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