Good luck and cloverleaf spoons--includes all the symbols of "good luck" such as 4 leaf clovers, horseshoes, chicken wish bones etc. The right spoon even has a hidden swastika on it (see below)

Enameled 4 leaf clover (bowl engraved "Vancouver"--British Columbia, Canada)

hand made demi "love spoon" with an applied horseshoe and a four leaf clover where the handle meets the bowl.

The Swastika

These spoons are a case of our modern conceptions being applied to the Victorian era. These swastika spoons have NOTHING TO DO WITH NAZI GERMANY. For almost 1000 years the American indians of the southwest, the Aztecs and Incas of South America, and parts of Asia have used the swastika as a symbol of good luck. This spoon and all of the other non-German swastika spoons were made long before Hitler adopted the swastika as the symbol of his regime. Our perception today is based upon the terrible things that were done by the NAZI's. In no way am I belittling the horrors of that regime, but we must understand that these spoons are not related in any way.

You can also see how the American Indians used the swastika on the spoons which they made for sale to the tourists in the American Indian Southwest exhibit

Alaska Good Luck Charm

Nice carved and painted ivory spoon and fork featuring an Alaskan Billiken
"The God of the way things should be"

There is a tag on the spoon saying "genuine ivory hand carved"

The opposite of Murphy's Law: "Whatever can go wrong will"


Roulette Wheel fork from Monte Carlo with enameled 4 leaf clover
The roulette wheel actually turns so this is a mechanical fork as well
(800 silver)

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