In the 1890's a fashion in silverware was created wherein each piece of a pattern were similar and related but were different.

Gorham Corporation seized upon this new trend and created a series of six spoons and grouped them under the name "La Fleur"
which is  French  for "the flower"

This series of  spoons in this were numbered on the back from 632 - 637.

I only have the first two spoons in this series

gorham la fleur spoon 632 633

These interesting spoons feature a bird nestled among foilage which appears to have fruits

Interestingly, these are the only two spoons in this series which feature birds as all the rest feature flowers.

The stems are also very realistic looking.

gorham la fleur spoons

The backs of the spoon are left plain.

Of course other silver manufacturers were quick to develop similar products

paye baker bird spoon

This spoon is similar, featuring lovebirds  surrounded by foilage  but was made by Paye  and Baker.
This spoon also features an engraved buffalo in the bowl.

The pattern continues on the back of the handle

paye baker bird spoon back

paye baker bird spoon

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