Gothic Revival

Handmade Arts and Crafts


This is a rather interesting hand made arts and crafts spoon. It is clearly made in the Gothic Revival style, but I believe that it was also meant to be a "love spoon" (see the love spoon exhibit). The finial is engraved with a violet and a stylized heart. The back is engraved to Viola. It is of European origin made by "E.I." of 830 silver

A heavy hand wrought Arts and Crafts Gothic style revival spoon from the prestigious firm of Bailey, Banks and Biddle of Philadelphia, Pa. Manufactured by Scharling & Co. of Newark, NJ

Cute hand made spoon and fork in the arts and crafts version of the Gothic Revival. The top and bottom of the handle are the Greek double scroll while the main design is a strange mix of zig zag designs. I suspect that this mark is from Mexico and that this spoon is of later manufacture, but I have not yet been able to trace it and any help would be appreciated.

An unusual handmade spoon featuring stylized gothic symbols. Marked "sterling arts and crafts" and a maker mark of "U". I suspect this spoon is from the first decade of 1900.

A very pretty hand hammered and heavy 5.8" server with a Gothic revival style finial. The unusual shaped bowl was probably designed for candies or bonbons. Made by Marcus & Co (N.Y.-1918-1927). This firm primarily made jewelry and flatware with this company mark is rather rare so this was probably a custom order (engraved with three intertwined script "L's".

Large (8.2") hand hammered serving piece which was probably designed to be a waffle knife or hotcake server. Made in a simple gothic pattern "mushroom cap" finial with an undecorated art deco shield about mid-handle. The marks indicate that it was made in Copenhagen in 1927 by "Borsen H"

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