Souvenir Spoons of Greece

Greece is a beautiful country on the Mediterranean Sea. As everyone knows, it has one of the most ancient developed cultures and a huge number of antiquities. If you want more information on these, the WWW is loaded with reference sources.

When I was in Greece, many many years ago, I found the people to be very warm and hospitable. Of all the European countries which I had the opportunity to visit, I enjoyed my stay in Greece the most.

But any Westerner who has visited that lovely land understands the phrase "it is Greek to me". Even though I don't speak Italian or German or French, at least I was able to read the signs and recognize the letters. But in Greece, I felt totally illiterate. The only characters I even recognized were the numbers.

I did not obtain these spoons on my visit -- at that time I did not collect spoons.

Front and back views of the Goddess Athena


Another view of the Acropolis with the same figure of Athena on the handle

A third cast version of the Acropolis with a bust finial

It is unfortunate that all we see today are ruins and a mound of rocks. I can easily understand what a magnificent temple stood on this site. Overlooking Athens and the beautiful blue Mediterranean sea, this is truly a fantastic view. The temple was originally built of a limestone material. The stones now are weathered and a dull white, but if you crack open a stone you see a gorgeous white which sparkles in the sunlight. The temple must have been one of the wonders of the world.

greek trident spoongreek trident spoon

Another view of the Acropolis in the partially gold plated  bowl, but this spoon  has a very muscular Poseidon holding his trident

finial showing the flag

Rhodes and Canea
(the colored line is from the scanner)

Greek key stems with finials identifying them as from Delphi, Miconos, Rhodes

The mighty Colossus of Rhodes and a Discus thrower

The opening stanza of the Lazarus poem inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty refers to the Colossus

"Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from

land to land;"

Unusual looking goat head finial with a Greek cross

An Ancient Greek coin spoon is shown in the "Ancient God Exhibit"

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