Recently B. Corson has donated this cartridge spoon to the Spoonplanet museum.

gun cartridge spoon

This  7" spoon is made from a gun cartridge/bullet and has had a copper spoon attached to the bullet in a 'v' type solder joint.

There is no engraving to indicate the reason for this product and the spoon portion looks like it was probably  handmade.

The joint itself is made with a white solder which was probably what the soldier had available. A commercially produced unit would not have used this solder and  the
solder joint itself was obviously not done by a professional .

cartridge spoon crown design

Soldered to the cartridge is a bronze metal depicting a royal crown.
This piece of metal was taken from another source and then bent to fit on the cartridge.
The solder joint is similar to the solder joint previously discussed.

I suspect that this crown represents a sovereign from either the Netherlands or Belgium. I found somewhat similar pictures of
crowns from these countries, but not an exact image.

cartridge spoon

This is a picture of the base of the cartridge. The numbers supposedly represent the caliber size and manufacturer.

Randy K kindly provided further information on this interesting spoon (thank you)

1)  this is most likely trench-art (World War 1)
2) this is a 30-06 rifle cartridge
3) the lettering “F A” on the end signify it came from the Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia, Pa  (1816-1977)
4) the single #1 and the #11 signify January of 1911

Mr. Corson, thank you for donating this spoon and your support.

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