Hawaii Souvenir Spoons

The tropical islands of Hawaii were acquired by the United States as a result of the Spanish - American war. They became protectorates and Hawaii joined the Union as a state in 1959. Thus for the last 100 years Americans have been visiting the islands. With airplanes, the 2000 mile trip is not too bad, but at the beginning of the century, the trip by boat took over a week, thus only the wealthy visited Hawaii. 

Spoons are available from the first part of this century but the older ones are much rarer and more expensive. Be careful because some dealers want to charge a high price for modern spoons from this island archipelego.

Full figural Hawaii fisherman handle with a surf scene in the bowl. Surfing was not as popular 100 years ago as it is today.

Hand made enameled spoon with a Hawaiian quarter bowl
(Hawaii had its own money system for awhile)

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Very unusual hand made spoon with an engraved scene of Honolulu in the bowl. The really interesting part of this spoon is the little carved (wood) coconut in the tree. It even has a "monkey face" on it (but you can't see it in the photo).

hawaii ukelele  spoon

an interesting variation with a ukelele

Interesting handle having cutouts of the card suits. The bowl is a scenic view of Waikiki beach, Honolulu. I haven't done the research but suspect that there was a card club in the first part of this century.

Cute double die palm tree handle with coconuts.
The gold washed hand engraved bowl says "Coconut Island Hilo H.I."

Modern images of Hawaii

Commemorative on joining the USA as the 50th state
(also in Political exhibit)

hawaii skyline spoon

Nice 'skyline' spoon showing the diamond head crater and marked 'Waikiki'.

The gold washed bowl has a 'grass hut' engraved along with some palm trees.

American Samoa

This sterling spoon celebrates the lush tropical island of Samoa. The finial is a bust of the ruler of the island, Malietoa. The spoon also has the Island symbol and the name of the capitol, Apia. Malietoa is the longest ruling head of state for any nation in the world.

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