Hermann Monument

Hermann monument spoon New Ulm

New Ulm, Minnesota  features an 102 foot monument depicting Hermann the Cleruscan.
He was an ancient German warrior who liberated German from Roman rule circa 9 A.D.

The authorization for the monument was in 1887 and the monument was completed in 1897. I suspect that these two spoons were from the opening ceremony.

This became a US landmark in 2000 as a national symbol of German heritage.

hermann monument spoonhermann monument spoon

Both bowls are hand engraved and show average quality workmanship for this era.
The left spoon also has a date of Sept. 25, 1897 which was probably the date of the opening.

Below is a Wikipedia current photo of the monument

hermann monument

Other photos are available on the web.
The circular stairway is open to the public and features a beautiful view of New Ulm

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