An interesting type of server is a 'hooked end' server.
The end is shaped like a little stand and when the server is laid on the table, the spoon is flat.
The spoon can also be hung up when not in use.

hooked end silver servers

All of these servers appear to have been made by the same silversmithing firm, although we are still doing research to determine who that was.
The largest server is about 8" long.
The two servers on the left are the same design (with different marks), but they do show minor differences
These servers were manufactured in either Hanau or Schoonhaven around 1900.

All of them are relatively thin silver (probably 800) and they were cut from sheets and then they were repoussed from the back with extensive chasing to create the design.
The foilage design was all hand sawn.

hooked servers handles

In this photo, I laid the server on its side so that I could photograph the 3 dimensionality of the handle.
These handles are all cast and as you can see they are basically identical.

hooked silver server detail

The young lady wearing a Dutch style dress is carrying a basket of fish on her right arm and is holding two fish by the tail in her left hand.
At the upper left is a bird, the upper right pictures a rabbit (hare) and the bottom shows a dear.
Note the extensive auricular style design around the edge which was a popular art nouveau style.

hooked server, Germany, Dutch silver
Basically the same piece as shown above, but the basket has fruits/vegetables.  Do note that the workmanship is not quite as good  quality.

hooked spoon, silver Germany maiden rabbit hare
In this server we have a young man dressed in period clothing holding a rabbit (hare) in his left hand.
A bird is also shown near the bottom

hooked end drinking spoon man
The shape of this bowl is a little different than the others, but the design is basically similar.
The young man dressed in nice clothing with a large head of hair is holding a tankard in his right arm and he is holding a
drinking cup in the air with his left hand.
There is some type of shield above his head and there appears to be a 'background' man to his right.
I suspect that the purpose of this server was for use at a wedding function.

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