Hotel Spoons

The era of the 1890's - 1920's saw the construction of many major hotels and hotel resorts. These resort hotels were often very large and were usually sited in a strategic geographic area. The hotel was more than a place to sleep for the night, it was the destination itself. These major hotels were the place "to see and be seen" and the wealthy class would often spend an entire season at the hotel.

I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. The magnificent hotels on the strip are justifiably among the finest in the world. Seeing these fantastic modern marvels reminded me of the many spoons which I have in my collection depicting the fabulous edifices of this previous time period.

French Lick Springs, Indiana                       Hampton Terrace, N. Augusta, S. Carolina

Gayoso Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee                     Robert E. Lee, Winston-Salem, N. Carolina

I personally like the quality of the engraving in the spoon bowls, so I tend to focus on that area, but as I was working with these hotel images, I again realized the quality and beauty of the handles. So here are some pictures of hotel spoon handles (note: some of the bowls are not shown on this page)

Bright cut engraving; goldenrod                   Fruits; art Deco; Art Neuvo style

State handle; custom flowers; generic flowers

Burley Hotel, Burley, Idaho                            Hotel Colorad, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

This is a most unusual spoon. It is labeled Coronado Tent City.

When I bought it all sorts of interesting ideas came to mind, but I really didn't have the foggiest idea what a "tent city" was..

The resources of the library proved quite useful. The world famous Coronado Hotel in San Diego is on Coronado Island. Wealthy visitors would erect tents on the beach next to the hotel during the summer season. This annual tradition continued for several decades.

This beautiful gold washed spoon contains an enamel painting of an elk and a vey nice bright cut engraved picture of the Bay of Naples Inn, Naples, Maine

This spoon is a bright idea by one company to cover multiple Florida hotels. The front has four different hotels shown and the back shows four more. Plus the alligator on the front and oranges on the back complete the Florida symbology.

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