by Wayne Bednersh

This is a very large 12.25" spoon with a very big three dimensional sailing ship mounted on the top. The quarter gives you the relative size.

The ship has four billowing sails mounted on three masts with a flag on top. It also has wire rigging lines. The ship shows five cannons on each side.

The very thick handle has a lacy open grillwork design.

At the base of the handle are two cherubs playing musical instruments on each side of the heart shape.

The center of the bowl shows two ships and various foliage

Surrounding the center design are 4 scenes (top and clockwise)

1. A man sitting at a table with a drinking cup. On his right is another man playing a musical instrument. On his left is a sitting woman holding a baby and it looks like there is a picture on the wall with a picture of a child. There is a design between the man and woman and it looks like it might be a ring (but other interpretations are also possible).

2. Man holding a walking stick is talking to a woman who is pointing to a house in the background.

3. On the left is a man hugging a woman. On the right are two woman sitting at a table. The left one appears to be playing a flute? (horn?). Possibly flowers are on the table.

4. A man and woman are joyfully dancing and another man is playing a musical instrument (flute? horn?). There is also a pitcher on the ground.

There is a heavy piece of silver on the back of the handle which runs the length from the ship to the bowl and ends in a rattail. On this strip are three silver marks which I haven't traced.

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