by Wayne Bednersh

huge dandy server
I have added a ruler and a regular size tea spoon so that you can guage size

This is a very large 12.625" spoon which was apparently designed to hang on a wall because there is a large silver ring attached to the back of the man's head.
There is a French Minerva quality mark in the bowl  as well as several indistinct marks
another indistinct mark is on the stem
I suspect that this spoon was made in Hanau, Germany ca 1900

huge dandy spoon

The large finial shows a very handsome young man impeccably dressed and he is holding a very stylish hat with a feather in his right hand.
 His left hand rests upon his sword handle.
 Across his upper abdomen is a musical instrument (horn) which is held there by straps that extend over his shoulders.
He is also wearing knee high stylish boots.

The stem is rather generic and depicts a man's head surrounded by a snake which winds its way down the stem. At the base of the stem is an undefined element with two small faces and protruding elements.
This stem is similar to those I have seen coming from the Hanau silversmiths

The back of the bowl has an applied 'shield' which is not particularly clear and the shield is surrounded by nice wavy engraved designs.

The back of the figure is not finished

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