In September 1609, Henry Hudson explored the great river which was later called the Hudson River. In his ship called the “Half Moon,” he entered New York Harbor on September 3rd and then sailed up river, recording his impressions of his journey in his log book. “On that side of the river called Manna-hata,” said Hudson, “we saw no people to trouble us and we rode quietly all night.” In August 1807, the inventor Robert Fulton traveled up the Hudson River at a speed of five mile per hour in his steamboat, the Clermont; within days of this historic journey, Fulton initiated regular steamship service on the Hudson River. In September-October 1909, the Hudson-Fulton Celebration was celebrated in New York City and on the Hudson River with parades, exhibits and re-enactments of the earlier voyages in New York Harbor and on the Hudson River. Thousands participated in this extravaganza which lasted for more than two weeks.

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