huge devil funeral silver spoon

At the finial of this huge spoon we have a horned devil with a  handlebar mustache sticking out his pointed tongue.
Two flying cherubs surround him.

huge devil funeral spoon

I have put a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon in the picture to give you an idea of size.
There is no quality marking, but I suspect that it is 800 silver.
There are two indistinct maker markings on the back and the word "Germany" which leads me to suspect  that this spoon was probably made in the 1920's
The finial and stem are cast, the bowl is cast with repousse workmanship
I suspect that this piece was made in Hanau, Germany
At the bottom of the heavy stem (re-inforced on the back) is a funeral urn surrounded by  two cherubs playing musical instruments

devil funeral silver spoon germany
The repousse/chased bowl is very 'busy' and features lots of details in the Art Nouveau style.
In the center is a nice display of flowers inside an Art Nouveau  'C' style quadrangle
At the top center is a winged male cherub which is more adult looking than normal.
At the right is a female in a period style dress holding a bouquet of flowers with her right hand and her left hand is over her heart.
There is also another figure whose arm extends across the woman and who appears to be holding a club.
At the bottom is a seated winged cherub playing a horn shaped musical instrument.
At the left is a male holding a bow and a woman serving him with a tray which has three containers on it.
Of course everything is surrounded by extensive Art Nouveau designs.

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