spoon huge cornucopia dragon mermaid cherub moses wedding marriage

This is a huge and heavy European silver spoon which must have been designed for a major celebration. - -
I am assuming it was for a wedding since it contains a lot of generic style images which would relate to that
style of event.

The handle has a male head with a fruited vase above it. Some flower decorations and
a seated woman clothed figure with her left hand on her breast.
Then a shell figure followed by a male head followed by further decoration and another male head.

The very large bowl features a generic picture of a robed Moses sitting on a cow reading a tablet of the  commandments
 (which we have seen on other spoons).
Above Moses is a large flowered vase with two winged angels on either side
Below Moses is a female face with two puttis on either side.
Of course, as you can see, there is a lot of different decorations completely covering the bowl.

The 'ears' on the bowl are the most interesting part.
Depending on the angle you look at them, you will  see different images.
First there is a  a fire breathing dragon emerging. 
However if you trace the dragon backward you will see a nude mermaid.

I wonder if the silversmith was having a chuckle saying that a woman can be both extremes.

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